About Us

From its humble beginnings as a bodega in Queens, New York, the Peña family started this business with a simple focus: to provide the best food shopping experience in the neighborhood. With a very diverse and international customer base, the Peña family carried the ingredients its customers knew and loved and helped integrate them to their new surroundings. 40 years later, the business has grown far beyond the Queens borough of New York with 24 supermarkets across 5 states. While our core values remain the same, our customer base continues to grow exponentially. We, Gala Foods, will continue to expand fueled by our commitment to maintaining our presence, partnership, and support of our communities… the most important ingredient of our success.

Our Mission Statement

We provide the best supermarket experience to the communities we serve. By offering quality products, great value, a welcoming environment and outstanding service, we ensure all our customers feel like family.

Core Values

FAMILY: Our business was created by family and that has been the secret to our success.

Everyone in our network – our employees, our customers, our vendors – are treated like family, because that’s what they are.

CONNECTION: Our customers come from all over the world. By providing them access to a wide array of ethnic ingredients, we connect them to the places they once called home.

CONTRIBUTION: We consider it our responsibility to invest in the neighborhoods we serve.

From hiring locally and sponsoring local initiatives, to donating to causes that are important, we understand that being part of the community is not a one-way transaction.

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